The HCTC expires January 1, 2014

The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)
expires January 1, 2014

The legislation that authorizes the HCTC expires January 1, 2014, and the tax credit will no longer be available. This notice is to inform you of important upcoming changes due to the expiration of the tax credit, and provide you with recommended next steps to ensure your family will stay covered after the HCTC expires.

Final HCTC Payment Due Date

The final monthly HCTC payment due date is December 24, 2013. However, your November HCTC payment may be your final payment. When you receive your December HCTC invoice:

  • If your existing qualified coverage is already paid through December 2013, do not pay your December HCTC invoice.

  • If your existing qualified coverage is not paid through December 2013 (account in arrears), or your insurance payment cycle has not already covered December, you should pay your December HCTC invoice.

Next Steps

Beginning January 1, 2014, you are responsible for your full health insurance premiums. The HCTC Program does not have the authority to transition HCTC participants into any other federal health program.

  • Contact your health plan administrator to determine if your account is current; if your existing coverage will still be available in January; and if your plan, without the help of the HCTC, works for you.

  • If you currently have a COBRA extension from your former employer, please note those extensions will expire December 31, 2013.

  • Visit to explore coverage options available through the Affordable Care Act.

Updating Your HCTC Account

Until your last payment is made, please continue to submit Form 13704, Monthly Registration Update, to notify the HCTC Program of any changes to your HCTC account, including: a change in your premium amount, adding or removing a family member from your account, and reactivating an account that has been recently canceled.

Additional Information

Please see the “Latest News” page on for more information regarding the expiration of the tax credit. For all other questions, call the HCTC Customer Contact Center toll-free at 1-866-628-HCTC (4282). For those with a hearing impairment, please call 1-866-626-4282 (TTY).